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PMDU Task Cactus Field : Into the Pub by CrissyG
PMDU Task Cactus Field : Into the Pub
Outside the Pub.

" goes..."

Dolus slowly steps in with Claire being transparent tailing him from behind. Inside the Pub lots of mons chatting all about, realizing Dolus is there standing and looking around, one of them exclaimed.

"Well, would you look at that, a stray beauty has come here! O' pretty lady what makes you come in this humble pub."

Dolus quickly change his demeanor. With the sweetest voice he can make he replies.

"I...heard that people* here are very knowledgeable about a city named Geoda and having some interesting rumors to share, mind if one of you handsome men care to tell me about it? I have come so far just to meet you all to tell a tale or two for me to bring to the far region I will go."

Dolus smiled sweetly as he plays with his hair.

The pokes hurriedly coming allover, saying what people most wants to hear.

"Oh, that would be me!"

"No! I can tell you! Lots of it!"

"Push away all those pests, I am the one all you need!"

And whatsover.

Dolus scout each pokes in the pub that surrounds him and try to choose which can tell him what he needs, and he replied.

"My kind sir, can you tell me what I seek?"

He bows politely to a old Cacturne who seems to be drinking relaxingly.

"What a pleasure to have you asking me fair lady, but I am afraid I cannot help you much as I am pretty forgetful, there's many men come to your steed to tell what you need. Why did you choose me instead of all the young lads standing here?"

Dolus politely answers.

"Age does not matter as you seem the most wise and knowledgeable of all, O' sir please bless me with your knowledge."

The other pokes seems to complain.

"Very well, I shall fulfill your needs fair lady."

Claire whispers.

"I thought you said seduce?"

Dolus replied softly.

"In the most urgent case that is, if I can find a better way it would be better. Adults would never let me in, that's why I have to transform somehow to make respect me for a bit."

Then he and Claire follows the Cacturne to get their information.

Claire :iconemshrapnel:

Dolus mine.

*People : cause I dunno how to refer..
PMDU Task Cactus Field : Seductive Illusions. by CrissyG
PMDU Task Cactus Field : Seductive Illusions.
"Anyway Master...where's big brother Desmond?"

Dolus ask in a soft yet clear voice.

"Desmond? He's helping searching for the merchants, I won't be worried, he's good."

Dolus asks.

"He is strong?"

Claire replies.

"Yes, he is, he is strong and pretty caring despite showing a bit smug face, heeheehee~"

Dolus feel a bit amazed.

"Woah, I never thought he can be like that."

Claire smiles and asking Dolus.

"Anyway! We nearly at the pub! do you get infos again?"

Dolus fidgets.

"Uh, Can we go to a quite place first please? Just for a while?"

Claire confused.

" just a few more steps..."

Dolus pleads.


Claire gives up.

"Alright, if you say so."

At a quite place not far from Cactus Field.

" goes...uh...3...2...1...*POOF!*

Claire stupefied, Dolus seems different...

"Master? ....Is there something wrong?"

Dolus transforms from his usual form into a Gardevoir with a color of light sheen of blue.

"Oh my...*pinch herself* ouch....that's not a did you do that???"

Dolus replies.

"Illusion?'s my and Mom's ability. there something weird?"

Claire shakes her head.

"No,nooo it's splendid! You look pretty! So thi is what he taught you? Your father?"

Dolus sighs.

"Yes...he said that I must make use of my ability..., though Mama forbids me to use it like this..."

Claire ponders.

"But I realized...your color seems different that others..."

Dolus replies.

"Mama said I was born special, I was once hate how I looked others would see me as a weird one. But now I don't mind, she said there's others who are special."

Claire is amazed.

"Aaaawh...that's very nice of her...Ah! Enough of that! We need to hurry before it's noon! There's still barbecue, let's get our infos and friends for you~"

Dolus blushes he seemed a bit shy hearing that.


Story 2 done!

Claire and Desmond:iconemshrapnel:

Dolus mine~
PMDU Task Cactus Field : Friends by CrissyG
PMDU Task Cactus Field : Friends
Dolus sighs as he looked blankly at the drylands. Luke's words was ringing in his head as he remembers.

"I know you want to help with the construction and all, are too young."

Dolus giving a face of protest, he wanted to give help as much as he can but Luke replied.

"I know, I know...I heard from Gavina and Cassidy you are pretty good at keeping yourself but still I cannot allow you to do this."

Dolus tilted his head down, Gavina did not let him go with Bass and follow her to search the merchants either, the reason was pretty much the same as Luke's.

" about this? How about you're making new friends here and search some info maybe? About Geoda and all? Agreed? I will give you something for the trouble, deal?"

Dolus looked at Luke for a moment and nodded slowly.

Back from flashbacks, he mumbles.

"Friends....? How?"

He is in a very deep thought. Just as he still thinking about what he should do Claire comes and ruffling his head.

"Hey Dolus~ what's wrong?"

Claire as usual looking cheery as once he met her before.

"Ah, Master...I am okay...I just don't know what to do."

Claire's confused.

"Tell me what happened."

Dolus explains.

"Aaaaahhhhh....Friends? Well at this age kids mostly plays and makings friends, but you seem to be different, you seem kind of mature early, and you came here by yourself because following your childhood friend and seem to blend just fine with society, but...why you're confused of making friends?"

Dolus frowns a bit.

" is not because I cannot make friends. It is just that I dunno how to act like a child. Most kids told me I was boring, I was always try to be an adult because Grandpa never impressed with me and it just stick like that, in addition...Papa always bring me to the bar as well making it much worse...*sigh*.

Claire jolts.


Dolus continued.

"Mama was so mad...but it just stuck in me."

Claire asks.

"What did he teach you?"

Dolus replied.

"How to get easy info and lie."

Claire confused.

"Huh? Whaaaaa???"

Dolus hesitates a bit and replied.

" can I say it, Mama usually forbids me...uh....seduce?"

Claire even more confused.


Dolus even more hesitates.

"He was uh....born he always did that when he traveled before....and he taught me how....others seem to enjoy looking pretty mons.., and it made them blind."

Claire's heard and sigh.

"That's....a unique teaching way of a father....though a bit.......inappropriate for you, ahahah...But! Well! Ahem! Let's concentrate on searching searching yes?"

Claire smiles and pulling Dolus softly with her ghostly hand.

"Let's go shall we?"

Long story is long.

Claire :iconemshrapnel:

Dolus mine~
Eh, so I see there's my friends pics there and my fave artist pics there.

I see :
:icontazsaints: 's
:icondeco-kun: 's
:iconmamaxium: 's (a friend)
:iconholddear: 's (a friend)
Some fan art for :iconz-doodler: .
:iconthe-clockwork-crow: 's (character Malcom with his pokes)

I type what I can remember, it's too much. ._.

After browsing and people complain about wallpart.
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